Results of Poll Volume 17

Marketing becomes all the more important in a downturn economy as companies can:

Win customers by becoming more trusted sources
Can garner market share from competitors
None of the above
Both 1st & 2nd


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In this edition, we have a tÍte-ŗ-tÍte with Koushik Radhakrishnan, Head of the Industrial Sector-Global Delivery Center-IBM China. Read on to know his views and insights about the hugely successful Global Delivery Model and the emergence of China in the global market.


S. Madhavan, CEO and Co-founder of GQuotient, in conversation with Sudha Kumar about his purpose in forming GQuotient, the importance of Green ICT and the marketís receptivity towards a new idea.



In this edition, of ‘Click to Conquer’ we zoom in for a close look at the data points you should be studying while also listing some of the tools available to measure the success of your online media strategy.


Your website is, by far, your most important communication platform, but are you leveraging it rightly? Find out and learn a thing or two from our Annual Website Benchmarking Study - WebWatch - which covers 59 companies across the IT spectrum.


In this section we showcase Aegis’ spectacular growth through the last five years. Aegis is the winner of this year’s NASSCOM IT Innovation Award for its E2C and Five Nines Principle-based Integration Methodology.


Web 2.0, especially blogging, has suddenly caught everybody’s fancy. How can blogs create an impact and whether SMEs can benefit from them are the questions we will answer in this section of ‘Marketing Buzz’.


From the Editor’s desk

It appears we have seen off the worst of the recession and what that means for the outsourcing industry is that service providers are back in business, making their plans to gear up for the future. Who better to hear from than IBM Global Services on what changes they are seeing, how the Global Delivery Model is shaping up and how IBM is augmenting its delivery footprint. In this issue’s “Spotlight,” we have Koushik Radhakrishnan, Director, IBM Global Services, share his views on this topic, as well as give us a sneak preview into his new role as Head of Industrial Sector, GDC, China.

Talking of trends, going ‘green’ seems to have become the mantra of companies across the spectrum. A company that noticed this and decided to build a business out of it is GQuotient. We have Madhavan, Co-Founder, GQuotient, in “Focal Point” talking to the Confluence editorial team on his companyís vision and plans.

While on the subject of vision, Aegis Communications has demonstrated how clarity of purpose backed by flawless execution can help a company stand out from the rest. In this edition’s “Best & the Rest,” we feature Aegis’ journey to become a half a billion dollar company by adopting a carefully crafted acquisition-led growth strategy.

Check out some snippets from our recently published ‘WebWatch” report in “Prayag Take,” some tips on how search engine marketing can make a difference to your business in “Click to Conquer” and how blogs are relevant in a B2B context in “Marketing Buzz.”

We have a broad range of topics and features in this edition of Confluence. Hope you enjoy reading it as much as we enjoyed putting it together for you.

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